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Dinner In the Wilderness Breakfast


There are many wonderful recipes out there. Some recipes maek different things. In my website, I plan on demonstrating good recipes to inform the person reading this article about. These recipies are either recipes to good food or food that can be made in dire survival conditions. However, they should taste good either way. Some things to keep in mind is the fact that you probably aren't some sort of master chef. Thus, you might not get these the first time. Even if you did, it might not even be perfect. But that is fine. Cooking good food takes time and practice. Not to mention some burnt, raw, and terrible tasting food along the way. Think of Gordon Ramsay. He started like most of us, knowing nothing about what cooking is. However, as he practiced and cooked more and more, he turned out to be probably one of the best chefs in the world. All I am saying is, these might be hard, and if you do not get it perfect the first time, keep on trying and improving your dish. Some day, you might even make it your own, by adding a little extra of something or even a new ingredient to make it yours.

Now, let us jump right into the recipes.

Different recipes:

Here are a couple of things that the recipe book will show: